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Remorving the financial obstacles to attaining a standard ICT Education.

Future Starts Now Gambia is a Community Based Organisation (CBO), established in 2012. We operate a tertiary Institution that offers 100% free tuition fee for tertiary education in Information Technology and English Communication. Our classes are year-long training where talented underprivileged young people are given the opportunity to learn Information Technology and English Communication from Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma Level without paying any tuition fee.

Since the inception of this institution in 2012, the school has graduated over Four thousand five hundred students from Advanced Diploma levels, and these graduates have been contributing significantly to every sector of our economy.  

 Principal’s Message

“Tell Me and I Forget
 Teach me and I remember
 Involve me and I learn”
 Is what Benjamin Franklin once said.

Education is the key to unseal the golden opportunities in life!

Dear Students & Faculty Members

It is a privilege to serve as the Principal of FUTURE STARTS NOW GAMBIA Institute of Information Technology, The institution is a life-changing institution that has impacted the lives of many people including non-Gambians by inculcating and instilling profound knowledge of (IT) to its students for FREE, and same has fundamentally enabled and enhanced an efficient source of living for its students as it exposes them to readily available employability skills.

We are often proned to different challenges at various intervals of time and the driving factor that keeps us going is “Passion”. As a seasoned pedagogue, I have been passionate about nurturing the student community to the fullest extent possible. I believe in my role as a facilitator, to bring out the best in every student and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Our institution believes that the very purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows; in the sense –to make provision for a multitude of opportunities for the student community, to explore and enhance their capabilities. A team of experienced, excellent and dedicated faculty bestowed upon the students, a holistic orientation for a better cognitive development.

“Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself. It is a perpetual process of learning that makes an individual to realize oneself. So do not just study, but learn. Do not just learn, but observe. Do not just observe, but act in cognizance.”

On behalf of Future Starts Now Gambia, Welcome all the students and convey my best wishes for achieving great success and scaling new heights in the days to come.

Thank You!

Mr. Lamin Keiita
Principal, Future Starts Now Gambia.

Institute of Information Technology.

Have Access to Global Standard Programs

Programs ranges from, Computing Fundamentals, Operating Systems, Office Applications,
Graphics Design, Networking Essentials, & Web Development 

The secret of success

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Vision & Mission

Vision statement

Our vision is to see every young Gambian develop their potential and be employable in order to have a secure future.

Mission statement

Our mission is to train our students to be reliable and skilled computer professional.


FSNG mission and approach are guided by core values that unite our community, inform our practices, and drive our decision-making. These values serve as both a reflection and aspiration as we strive to fulfill our mission, helping us frame who we are and who we want to be as an institution of higher education.


Alumni Testimonials

Future Starts Now Gambia is an epicenter for knowledge acquisition in ICT. My experience at FSNG was memorable and my mentors helped to enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. The institution has facilitated me in exploring my interests and succeeding in my studies, and it was a community that made me feel genuinely welcome. Through tremendous support from my fellow students and staff, I have been able to transition well in the area of computer and English Language.

Fatou Touray


My experience at Future Starts Now Gambia Institute of Information Technology is a great and memorable one. The lecturers and mentors are really helpful, with their support I was able to learn essential things regarding ICT which helped me to improve my academic and interpersonal skills. Special gratitude to all the staff of FSNG especially the able Principal: Mr. Lamin Keita.

Ismaila Trawally


As a student of Future Starts Now Gambia Institute of Information Technology, i feel i have attained a strong foundation in Information Technology which has equipped me with a great skills to learn any emerging technolog. my lecturers have been generous with their time supportavie in class. The staff and peers are always ready to support and guide each otherwhich makes contents of each course and their assignments given during the program directly correlated to daily duties today. The qulity i like most about the institution is how fundamentally they have prepared me for my next stept in life. Special thanks to FSNG

Kantara Juwara


The ICT Course i took at FSNG has been incredibly beneficial in my life. Learning about Microsoft Office and other essential skills has equipped me with the tools to be more efficient and productive in my personal and professional endeavors. I now have the confidence to tackle various tasks and with ease. Thank you for providing such a valuable learning experience! I am grateful. 

Majula Ceesay


My experiences as both Foundation and Diploma student as well as Advanced Diploma student at Future Starts Now Gambia prepared me well for all positions held afterwards. Studying ICT helped me develop crucially important skills like critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. In a nutshell, studying at FSNG helped me develop a mindset of inward positivity like higher swlf-esteem and clear mind as to aims and objectives, it also helped develop outward positivity towards colleagues thanks to the cordial relationship of the Admin staff, lecturers and General Executive student Body. “

Pa Modou Barry


Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before”

Awa Jobe


Are you a dedicated student willing to actquire skills in ICT ?


Mr. Muhammad Chaw

Advanced Diploma Trainer

Mr. Yoro Jammeh

Diploma Traainer

Mr. Mansor Faye

Communications Trainer

Mr. Lamin Keita

Certificate Trainer

Team Member

Job Title

Team Member

Job Title

Team Member

Job Title

Latest news

> Next Admission will open 27th November 2023.

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